Traditions // What is a Wedding House Party?

I know, you’re thinking of a house party where your friends take over your abode with drinks, games, and bad dance moves from the 90′s.  Nope, this is a new kind of House Party for us who reside above the Mason-Dixon Line.

Behold, a southern wedding tradition called “The House Party”.  Essentially, the House Party is made up of women who for one reason or another are not a bridesmaid.  Perhaps when a bride is only having family members in the wedding party, but still wants to include her friends, or already has too many bridesmaids.

Members of the House Party  help with the bachelorette party, bridal shower and wedding day tasks like manning the  guest book, handing out programs, serving cake, reading during the ceremony.   They get a front row seat with the family, but do not stand up at the altar with the bride and her bridal party.

For example, Jenna Bush Hager had her twin sister, Barbara as her MOH, and then had 14 other women be in her House Party.

I’ve read different things about attire for House Parties.  I’ve seen photos where they all wear the same dress – but never the same dress as the bridesmaids.  Or, the bride will let them go ‘LBD’, or buy a dress of their liking in the bride’s color choice.  

I’ve helped out friends at with day of type tasks but I was never officially grouped with other women, or asked to buy a specific dress for the wedding – and not be a bridesmaid.  If you were helping to plan and pull off the shower and bachelorette party, would you be put off that you were doing as much as the bridal party, but didn’t get to stand up with the bride on this most important day?

Did you all see that episode of “Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids” where there a bride had bridesmaids and “honorary bridesmaids”?  The honorary bridesmaids didn’t seem too happy about it.

What do you think of this tradition?

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