The best Cinco de Mayo EVER

From Miss Heartland

Cinco de Mayo is one of my favorite days because I was a Spanish minor in college & have always loved celebrating this holiday.  Mr. Heartland knew how much I loved this day.  The morning of Cinco de Mayo last year, he said, “Let’s plan to go to dinner tonight to celebrate Cinco de Mayo,” and before he could finish his sentence I screamed ”PERFECT!”  I was so excited.  

 I was texted a few of my girlfriends about meeting up with Mr. Heartland and myself after dinner for some margaritas.  They all responded that they couldn’t make it until about 8.  I said fine, but you know me, my bed time is usually 8:30, so hurry up =).  

 While I was at work, Mr. Heartland texted that he was going to be running a little late, but would pick me up around 6:30 for dinner.  When we got to Carmellas, the hostess seemed really excited that we were there … kind of weird I thought?  But I brushed it off and she sat us in the very back corner.  

 The waiter poured us some water but before I could ask to have something else to drink, he was gone.  I was confused.  All I wanted was my glass of wine, and that is what I told Mr. Heartland.  Mr. Heartland quickly changed the subject and said, “What are you having for dinner?”  I said, “Oh my goodness I don’t know I haven’t ordered a drink yet.”  He kept insisting that I look at the menu to decide on dinner, so finally I gave in.

 As I opened up the menu, the song “Feels Like Home” by Chatal  came on over the stereo system.  I looked down and there was a note inside my menu.  I began to read it, tearing up. 

 Before I could finish the letter, Mr. Heartland l said, ”Do you remember what I said would happen the next time we heard this song?”  I shook my head, ”No.” “What?” He said, “I told you that the next time we heard this song would be the day I ask you to marry me.”  

 He then got down on his knee (for what seemed like an eternity, he later told me) and asked me to make him the happiest man in the world and be his wife.  I was literally speechless.  He said,” honey… are you going to say anything???”  I said, “Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, YES YES YES!”  

 We hugged and kissed while the whole restaurant clapped and cheered for us!  The waiter then came back with a bottle of champagne, which explains why he never asked me for a drink. 

 After we’d had about 2 glasses of champagne and maybe two bites of our meals, we headed over to the Venue because Mr. Heartland said he wasn’t done celebrating.  As we walked into the lounge, we were greeted by clapping and everyone was cheering for us.  Mr. Heartland had contacted all of my best friends and my family, and they were all waiting there to celebrate our engagement with us.  It was truly a picture-perfect night I will never forget.  

 The only thing I wish we had is more photos. In the excitement of it all, that wasn’t my major focus.  So for any men out there that are reading this post, be sure to have someone on camera duty when you propose. =)  

Engagement photo by Taura Horn Photography.

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