How to plan a {tasteful} pink wedding

Pink is pretty, romantic and classic … all thing you invision for your wedding, right?  The downside is the color pink can be very polarizing and chances are you groom isn’t jumping at the prospect of spending his wedding wallowing in pink: eating a pink cake, wearing a pink shirt and dancing to, well, P!nk.  You also don’t want your wedding color to read as too young and immature.  You are a grown woman, about to become a Mrs., right? 

So here is how to get you guy on board with the color pink and make your big day sophisticated, romantic and classic:

-Perfect pair.  Match pink with a sophisticated color to balance out it’s perky personality. Blush tones are still very popular.  Fucshia and navy are a preppy, classic combo bursting on to the wedding scene. 

-Stategic placement.  In order to make pink pop, only have it in strategic, high impact places.  You wouldn’t have pink flowers on a pink tablecloth with pink napkins, because it all would blend together.  Dub a few items as pink-worthy, and go all out in those select areas.  For example: all flowers, desserts, cocktails, ribons and ceiling decorations are pink, but linens, clothing and table decorations are reserved to the accent color.

-Listen to your groom. Talk about you ideas for decor and see what he thinks.  Maybe he is totally on board with pink, he just doesn’t want him or his guys to wear it.  Or, he’s all about the pink tie, but thinks a cotton candy wedding cake is going too far.  It’s all about teamwork and compromise!

Photo by Tin Box Weddings

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