Love Letters // Hurry up and be together


Everything is shaping up for us and it’s only going to get better. I love the fact that we’re already looking at wedding stuff.

To me, it feels like the world is saying, “hurry up and be together.” I’ll do my best to make sure you know how much I love you. I honestly didn’t think I’d have you at this point in my life. I’ll never let you go, beautiful. I promise. I’ll always be the man you need me to be. I’ll always love you with my whole heart and I’ll always be yours. Promise.

I love you,
Your Future Husband, David

April Vendors of the Month

We love Omaha. We also LOVE Omaha Wedding vendors and hear nothing but great things from brides about their services. So we thought why not show our appreciation to our preferred vendors by featuring them on our blog. This month, we are proud to announce our first ever Vendor of the Month winners.

Attire/Beauty – Men’s Wearhouse
Catering/Cakes – Attitude on Food
Event Decor/Floral – HyVee Floral
Invitations/Registries – Cornhusker Beverage & Bridal
Photography – Janine McClintok Photography
Venues – The Georgetowne Club

Note: Wedding Essentials preferred vendors in each category are chosen at random, no repeats. 


Cake dress

Where would you cut a cake that’s six-foot tall?

224 eggs, 28 lbs of flour, 28 lbs of sugar, 28 lbs of butter, 17 lbs of Madagascan vanilla butter cream, around 7 lbs of raspberry jam and seven days of baking, gets you 17 tiers of cake covered in 49 lbs of sugar paste icing, 2 lbs of royal icing and hundreds of sugar pearls gets you a life-size wedding cake of your dress. Talk about a cake — that’s enough to feed about 2,000 guests!

This life-size cake dress was designed by a British confectioner’s six-year-old daughter.

If you’re wanting to eat your dress, Alotta Brownies Bakery showcased this edible wedding dress cake topper at one of our Idea Shows. I’m not sure store owner and baker, Michelle Kaiser, has attempted to make a life-size version, but you might be able to make a request and see if she’s up to the challenge.

Bridesmaids // How to re-wear the dress

There’s always the question of what the bridesmaids should wear and the answer is always up to the bride — as it should be. But, that doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing your bridesmaid dress once and then it will sit in your closet collecting dust for a few years before you have the heart to throw it out or donate it. In the past, our advice has been for the bride to chose a dress that her bridesmaids will wear again. The only problem is that’s not always the issue. Most of the time it’s not that the bride chose a dress that the bridesmaids wouldn’t want to wear again, it’s that an occasion to wear a bridesmaid dress rarely presents itself.

But no worries, there is a way to re-wear your bridesmaid dress to fit any occasion and it starts with accessories. Whether you need to dress it up some more, or dress it down for a more casual event, accessories are going to be your best friend. Wearing a different pair of shoes, adding a scarf or hair piece, and maybe even a belt can help give that dress a makeover.

Maybe these accessories from Von Maur will give you some inspiration.


Trending // Marriage Equality

Whether you’re all suits or all gowns, you can’t argue with more happiness — or more cake or more dancing. You’ve probably seen this image going viral on all social platforms. Today’s all about marriage equality!

Love Letters // The best that I can be


It’s been so long since I’ve seen you or talked to you. I miss you a lot. At night I lay awake and try to remember your face. I miss it all so much. I’m getting homesick. Every day is harder.

I lay in bed and wish I was home. I can’t help but close my eyes and try to remember your face. I’ll almost be asleep then I think about you…I think about home. Darling, I love you. I always will. Not just because of what we are, but because I’m becoming a man, I’m learning how to be the best that I can be for you.

You’re my girl.

I can’t wait to sweep you off your feet. I keep thinking about me taking you on a date when I get back. You’re so beautiful. 100% honesty, you’re the most beautiful girl in the world. I miss you so much. You probably don’t believe me but it’s all true. I’m still awake at night with you in my heart.

I love you,
Your Future Husband, Marcus

Tips for making it work

As a bride-to-be, I’ve been confronted by several people who, after congratulating me on my engagement, proceed to remind me about the percentage of people who get divorced. So, just because I’m getting married, automatically means I need to be warned about the divorce rates? Believe it or not, that’s something we actually talked about before we even got engaged. We talked about divorce and what our opinions were on it. In the end, we both decided that we only want to get married to one person and spend the rest of our lives together. Now, to some people that may seem a little bit out there when they start thinking about how complicated life can get. And it may seem like a silly rule, but we decided not to even mention the “D-word” in our relationship from here on out. Our thinking on that is if we eliminate the word, then it’s not an option that will even cross our minds in the future. We want to be the old couple that’s been married for 60 years that everyone cheers for. And clearly I’m not the only one who wants that kind of commitment.

We asked, you answered. Here’s some tips from our readers on how to make a marriage last.

1. Don’t get divorced or don’t date other people while you’re married. (Those will definitely cut things short!)
2. Talk out your problems and don’t hold grudges. Be there for your significant other no matter what.
3. Communication and lots of date nights.
4. Be open and honest with one another, communication is key.
5. Never take each other for granted.
6. The little things you do for one another are always important.
7. Don’t go to bed angry.
8. Always kiss goodnight, goodbye, hello.
9. Laugh — lots.
10. Find things you like to do together.
11. Say “I Love You” often.
12. Believe in your love and each other’s dreams.
13. Be best friends.
14. It’s always better to be happy than to be right.
15. Say sorry and forgive freely.
16. Make time for just the two of you, even if life is crazy and you’re broke.
17. Time with your best friend = stress relief.

A word to the wise: these may sound great, but the key is to put them into practice — that’s the hard part but you just have to know that it’s worth it.

Photography // Favorite Photos

Kathi and Chris got married on September 22, 2012.
“This is my favorite wedding picture because of the surprise look on my husband’s face. He absolutely loves Star Wars!” Kathi said. “The 501st Star Wars Legion were nice enough to pay a visit to our wedding reception as a surprise for my husband. I didn’t know which characters would show so I was equally  shocked that Chris’ favorite character, Darth Vader, was there.”
Photo by: J & B Photography 

Here are some of our faves from Real Weddings:

Bride Blogger // Unsolicited Advice

When you first get engaged you will without a doubt, get unsolicited advice from anyone and everyone you know. Not all of it is bad, but when you first get engaged it can be a little overwhelming. Best advice, say thank you and write it down or have them email you the information if you really want it. It took me a good month before I really started to listen to all this advice or actually ask for it.

Picking a date and a venue is of course the first major decision you need to make when planning a wedding. Everyone wanted to tell me what dates worked best for them and what dates not to pick because of other things going on. If you listen to everyone else, you will never pick a date. No matter what, you will have conflicts with people. In the long run, it is about you and your fiancé, so don’t let your friends and family sway you in your decision on when to get married. If you want a spring wedding, have a spring wedding.

When it came to making a decision on a venue, Mr. Thirteen and I had differing ideas. I had always thought it would be great to do a destination wedding and Mr. Thirteen said, why not the courthouse? I could not imagine having a courthouse wedding nor did I think I could have the big 500 person wedding. I figured why not just have our family and closest friends there? It’s about us and of course Mr. Thirteen just wants to make me happy so he said to look into a destination wedding. I had some contacts in the travel industry so I called them up and asked for a contact in the destination wedding planning industry that could help us in this process.

I started working with Sandy from Travel & Transport who has tons of experience in destination wedding planning. She took what we were looking for and gave us some great places to start. This of course turned into more unsolicited advice because this person couldn’t come or did you think about how much this would cost for this family to go and what about passports and airfare and the list goes on and on. Again, this isn’t about everyone else, it’s about Mr. Thirteen and I celebrating our wedding day.

After about a month of looking at destinations and really thinking about what we wanted and what kind of wedding we wanted, the more I realized I wanted to have a wedding here in Nebraska — but we’re going to do it our way, non-traditional and full of what we love. We knew we didn’t want to get married in a church and we knew we wanted to have a fun, fun party with those we care about most in the world.

As we started looking at venues, I did get some ideas from friends. We were looking for a venue with both indoor and outdoor space and preferably a space to get married in as well as have our reception. The first place we looked at was 1316 Jones. I fell in love with it right away! It is located in downtown Omaha, had an amazing deck (my outdoor ceremony space) and tons of character. But I decided to keep looking because, like the dress, you can’t pick the first place you see, right?! Well over the next few weeks I looked at a half dozen more venues and made calls or sent emails to another dozen places. Nothing could compare to 1316 Jones. I made one final call to Chad to get dates available. He gave me every date left in 2013. After much discussion (as I wanted to get married sooner rather than later) Mr. Thirteen talked me into picking the only date left in October. In the long run I know it was the best option as it gave us enough time to plan without being stressed and gave us more time to save money for the wedding.

Whatever you do when planning your wedding, always remember it is your wedding. Mr. Thirteen did a great job in reminding me of this and you should too as it is about you and your groom, no matter what anyone else says.

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