Trends // Mother of the bride

There’s a few new trends we’ve been seeing in mother of the bride attire for 2013, so here’s a few pointers:

  • Get rid of the shawl. If there’s one things at weddings that absolutely screams “mother of the bride,” it’s the shawls and short jackets. But if you’re not too keen on wearing a sleeveless dress or showing off your shoulders, you can easily go from sleeveless to sleeve lace. The three-quarter length sleeves in lace will help keep you cool for summer weddings (and help you ease out of the typical “mother of the bride” look).
  • Go for cap sleeves and illusion necklines. If you’re debating between the two, go with the illusion necklines — those a really on the rise in bridal trends and formal wear across the board.
  • Go for neutral colors. Try on the browns, nudes, blacks, golds, greens or any pastels to see what fits your brides color palette the best. Any of these are bound to match.
  • Go for layered fabrics. Lace over any fabric will add some elegance to your dress. Ruching and pleats at a diagonal are highly flattering.

Mother of the bride attire is getting more and more diverse with different fabric options, layering and style — so try on a few different ones to see what your bride likes best. Similar looks can be found at David’s Bridal!

Sweet Friday // White Wedding Sweets

Happy Friday! The snow is gone (thank goodness, right?) and spring weddings are getting started. These sweet white treats are perfect for spring and summer weddings. Even if you have a winter wonderland planned for your big day, these the perfect icing to a wintry day.

Find more of desserts like these at The Cordial Cherry. P.S. There is a TON of chocolate on that website that may give your sweet tooth an instant craving (you have been warned!).

Delectable desserts can be found on our Cakes and Sweets Pinterest board, too!

Sweet Friday // Thin Mints + Samoas

About a month ago my sister bought five boxes of Girl Scout cookies from a co-worker. We both love Thin Mints (Samoas/Caramel deLites are also a favorite). She brought them home, set them on the counter and then left them there. I’ll let you guess whether or not she had a full five boxes still sitting there when she came home from work that day.

But believe it or not, there is something even better than a Girl Scout cookie: A Girl Scout cookie in a cupcake. Yeah, it’s a real thing. We found these ones at a local vendor (Gigi’s Cupcakes). Even though there might be a mountain of frosting on top, they sure do look incredible — but that’s probably because they happen to be my two favorite Girl Scout cookie flavors.

Samoas (also known as Caramel deLites): Vanilla cookies coated in caramel, sprinkled with toasted coconut and drizzled with chocolate stripes.

Thin Mints: Mint-flavored chocolate cookies dipped in chocolate

More sweet treats can be found here.
Similar preferred vendors: Alotta Brownies, Nothing Bundt Cakes

Miss Behavin // Showered with love

We have all been guests to showers with games, questionnaires, delicious food and of course our loved ones. As a bride, showers are a time for you to realize how truly blessed you are to have such great friends and family. My aunts hosted a Pampered Chef shower in my parents’ home, Mr. Behavin’s family hosted an amazing shower in his hometown, and most recently, I had one by my lovely bridesmaids.

A few tips:
1. Instead of a guest book have your guests sign thank you note envelopes. This will save you a lot of time looking up and writing addresses!
2. This tip is if your guests are there while you open your gifts. As you open up your gifts, invite the gift giver to sit with you. Then have your Maid of Honor take a picture of you with the gift and the person who gave it to you. This helps when writing thank you notes and would make a super cute photo album.
3. Since I am not originally from the metro area, my good friends were not able to come to my hometown shower. So my sister (MOH) and the bridesmaids put together a shower for me and my ‘local’ friends. We chose to rent a room at Breezy Hill Vineyard outside of Neola, Iowa! Free wine tastings and they allowed us to bring in our own food. They even gave us suggestions of foods that go with their wines! Plus I was able to have my favorite wine: Misbehavin’! It was such a great time.
4. Thank your hosts. A thoughtful note or small gift would be lovely. I gave my bridesmaids each a bottle of my favorite wine, wine charms for the party, and some chocolate. You don’t realize how much time they put into these things! The deserve a BIG thank you!

As you can see, thank you notes are something, I feel, that are very important. A few weeks ago, I spoke with Mr. Behavin’s aunt about thank you notes. She was told they were not a part of modern weddings. So stick with me, my fellow brides… Get out your pens, stamps, and stack of pre-addressed thank you notes! Let’s keep this tradition of kindness alive!

You got my sunshine

It has been snowy and it has been rainy the past few weeks so I say it’s time for some sunshine. But since the sun has been struggling to come out, I thought I’d share some (along with a little inspiration).

Oh, and you could probably find something like this cake at Nothing Bundt Cakes!

Cakes // Tastefully Unique

Alright, so maybe we have a raging sweet tooth this week — cupcakes on Wednesday and cakes on Friday. But there are a lot of unique cake ideas out there that don’t have to end up looking tacky. We thought these might provide you with some ideas to get those cake wheels turning.

And even if you can’t decide on one cake design, you could just get several different smaller cakes each having a different design.

Flower Girls // Tulle & Tutus

Just in case our cupcake post yesterday didn’t quite brighten your day, take a look at these photos. What an adorable way to dress your flower girls!

Photos and ideas fromĀ Louisville Wedding Blog

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