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Chris Christen loves those little wedding moments that make great stories throughout a marriage. Every time she looks at her diamond (which she adores), she’s reminded of the weekend she got engaged. She was at a party, showing off the ring, when an acquaintance examined the setting and told Chris, “You know, honey, the jeweler will let you trade up.” Then there was the poorly chosen wedding dress purchased at a bridal shop that didn’t allow returns (the dress still hangs in Chris’ closet, never worn); and the wedding cake that arrived a day late and then collapsed on its pillars on the newlyweds’ dining room table. “We still laugh over the cake-cutting photo,” Chris says. “It’s a great reminder to simply take life as it comes.” Contact Chris  about the magazine, stories, freelance and speaking engagements.

Heidi_TheDesignerHeidi Hoffman is planning her own wedding. Having been engaged since September 2012, she couldn’t imagine a more fitting internship — oh wait, she’s not our intern anymore! Heidi is known around the office as our “new Annie” and designs the magazine. She is in the throws of everything wedding and is a relatable source for our brides. “Let’s face it, I’d be spending all my spare time trolling through wedding blogs, websites and photos anyway. It’s perfect.” Heidi is our social media bombshell and also manages our Wedding Essentials blog. Contact Heidi about future blog post ideas or send her a tweet.

Molly Lorincz never imagined she’d be an East Coaster.  Born and raised in Lincoln, she found herself moving to Rhode Island after studying communications at UNL. In 2008, she began working for the premier catering company on the East Coast. “Every week I get to  see firsthand the extravagant, trend-setting weddings that every Midwestern girl dreams about!”  She went from writing the company blog to becoming the sole in-house photographer, marketing coordinator, graphic designer, and creative director. In 2012, Molly launched her own photography business Molly Lo Photography and has just begun photographing weddings. She is bursting with style ideas for brides from coast to coast.  Visit Russell Morin Fine Catering for more ideas from Molly (especially if you are planning an East Coast destination wedding!).

Sarah_TheFashionistaSarah Stormberg went from a Nebraska native to subway sprinter. She currently lives in New York City and works in fashion as a freelance marketing strategist. “I’ve had the opportunity to work with amazing brands and boutiques that take me to new corners of the city every week!” She loves that there is never a dull moment in fashion. Getting engaged to the man she loves has got her sharing all the adventures of an East Coast bride. Sarah describes her personal style as “a bit eclectic, sometimes moody but always filled with color and print.” Her fiance’s look gravitates towards clean lines and modern shapes. Elements of both their styles will be incorporated into their wedding along with other personal touches that the couple holds dear (art, food, family and friends).

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