Engagement photo by Janine McClintock Studios

Meet Miss June

Age: 23
Occupation: associate account manager and market researcher
About the fiance: age 24, second year medical student at UNMC
Engaged: October 11th, 2011
Wedding Date: Friday June 15th, 2012
Wedding and Reception venue: St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, Omaha; The Double Tree Downtown, Omaha
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Every week and every day on my Google calendar is booked full of to-do’s and appointments with photographers, bakers, florists, and musicians, to picking rings and finding the perfect colors in the perfect bridesmaid dresses, which surprisingly enough is a very difficult task, and then just when I think I’m done it’s time to order invitations and go through the guest list…just one more time.. just one. last. time.

So here we are, a little over three months engaged and five months to go! We’re planning a wedding for the middle of June in nine months flat. Not only is it a June wedding, it’s a June wedding in Omaha scheduled during the College World Series. With an guest list packed to the brim with out of town guests, finding a reception hall big enough with hotel accommodations that were reasonable during the CWS was only the first of many very large decisions for which no class or experience or advice could ever prepare me! That’s our life now.  Wedding planning for June, recently graduated in December with a new job starting at a corporate company downtown Omaha, a fiance in his second year of medical school, and let me tell you – it’s as wonderful as it is chaotic.

I’m lucky to be marrying the man of my dreams in a handful of months, and I’m excited to take those who want to be a part of this along for the journey. Throughout all the planning and up’s and down’s, at the end of this all, we will start a wonderful marriage full of love and commitment and see where the adventure of life takes us throughout all the phases life can bring.  For better or worse he’s marrying me, and for better or worse… the least I can do is make this wedding something he’ll remember and cherish the memories until we’re 73 and 74-years-old and celebrating our golden year hand-in-hand looking at the photos of the day we promised each other forever.

Photos by Janine McClintock Studios, preferred vendor

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