Love Letters // You’re my girl


This is the first I’ve really written in awhile. This letter is so random because I have so many thoughts going through my head and my hand can’t keep up. That’s what usually happens when I think about you. My head fills up with awesome thoughts.

You’re my girl. I can be in a world of stress and somehow when you mention you’re up all night thinking about me I get all warm inside and it comforts me. Every one of my friends asks about you and I just say, “Hey, she’s perfect. She’s my girl.”

And you’re so beautiful that every time I see you I still get heart-struck after all these years. I promise I’ll always feel that way. When I see how much you care about me it makes me feel so good. I’ll be a fool for you and only you for the rest of eternity.

So in this letter I’ve enclosed my whole heart. I am very much in love with you and I promise it will never change. I’ll stand by you forever.

I love you,
Your Future Husband, Matthew

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