Happy Friday // Tying the other knot

This post is for the grooms. 

There is one VERY preventable problem sweeping through wedding days.  This is a dangerous thing that can cause a groom to be late to his own wedding, instilling wide-spread panic and anger in the hearts of family members.  We’ve seen this time and time again and today is the day we stand up and say “No more!”

Dudes. Learn to tie a bow tie BEFORE the day of the wedding. If you don’t know how to do it, your groomsmen won’t know how to do it … all that pre-ceremony lounge time you thought you had will be taken up by fixing crooked, lumpy ties.  Those photos of you are going to be forever, you don’t want to look lumpy.

The solution?

Step one: Pat yourself on the back for the great decision on wearing a real bow tie and not a clip-on.  Your coolness level will skyrocket the second you untie that sucker at the end of the night.

Step two: Pick up your tux the night before the wedding, giving yourself plenty of time to practice.

Step three: Grab a mirror and follow along with this tutorial.

Step four: Look great, feel great and be on time for your wedding!  Congratulations and send us pictures!

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