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Miss Cloud Nine

MissCloudNineAge: 35
Occupation: RN
Engagement date: December 6, 2013
Wedding date: August 16, 2014
Wedding & Reception venue: 1316 Jones St.
About me: I love to write but I don’t get to do it much anymore because sometimes life just gets in the way. I have lots of fun ideas to share, plus a whole lot of other fun stuff i get to try to accomplish while planning. We are a goofy couple and ultimately just want our friends and family to have a great time at our wedding. Mr. Cloud Nine is pretty hands-off when it comes to planning, but he chimes in when something is important to him like the band and the cake. He also asked not to wear any pink (does coral count? ha!) We are in our mid-30′s now so different things are important to us now. We’ve finally found each other so we want to celebrate big!
My wedding plan: I like to call the style of our wedding “traditional with a twist.” I like to have traditional elements, but I also want the special/quirky details that our guest will enjoy and remember. In the think tank currently are things like: Lithuanian torte, food truck, burger bar, sparklers, giant light-up letters, and Moscow Mules. Luckily my wedding planner can focus my crazy ideas into a cohesive party. We will have a lot of out-of-town guests, so the Old Market seemed like a great place to have the reception; lots of stuff to do and a cool part of Omaha to show off.

Miss Student-Doc

MissStudentDocAge: 24
Occupation: Medical Student (UNMC)
Engagement Date: August 16, 2012
Wedding date: December 21, 2013 — MARRIED!
Wedding venue: The DoubleTree Hotel, Downtown Omaha
Reception venue: The DoubleTree Hotel, Downtown Omaha
About me: Planning a wedding is a brand-new task to almost everyone. There’s so much hype about your wedding being the “happiest day of your life” so it ends up being very stressful trying to ensure everything is absolutely perfect. I want to share my experiences with other future brides in the hopes that I could help just one person with their planning, making it less stressful and more enjoyable. It’s your wedding — let’s make it fun!
My wedding plan: I love Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday, so I definitely wanted to include winter and Christmas into our wedding. Purples, champagnes, and silvers are the main colors of the wedding. We’re going for a “Winter Wonderland” vibe with lots of bling and sparkle.

Miss Sparkler

KaraR_MissSparklerAge: 24
Occupation: Advertising Account Executive
Engagement date: August 9, 2013
Wedding date: August 23, 2014
Wedding venue: Christ the King Church
Reception venue: Omaha Country Club
About me: My fiance and I are both Omaha natives, we have very similar backgrounds, which is why I think we clicked like we did. He went to Prep and I went to Marian, however we did not run into each other until years later when we were into our college years. We met our first semester after we both had transferred back home to Creighton — Mr. Sparkler went away to San Francisco on a baseball scholarship while I went away to the University of Dayton on a tennis scholarship.
My wedding plan: I have chosen to have a ‘black tie affair’ as my wedding theme for a couple of reasons. I believe a wedding is such a classic event, and it should be something that you can look back on 20 years from now and still love everything about your decor, your dress and the overall theme of your wedding. To me, the term ‘black tie’ means classic and timeless and that is just what I want my wedding day to be. Ask anyone who knows me — i have always been one to dress up. I love any occasion to wear a good party dress. With this being the nature of my personality, it is no surprise that the feel of my wedding will be anything less than fancy.

Miss Natural

BrideBlogger_MissNaturalAge: 29
Occupation: Metro Community College Public Relations
Engagement date: 
Wedding date: November 9, 2013 — MARRIED!
Wedding venue:
Reception venue:
About me: Miss Natural is a native Omahan and an enthusiastic evangelist for The Good Life. The 29-year-old loves travel, hiking, good conversation and starting fun projects (finishing them is the trick).
My wedding plan: My wedding mantra during high-stress moments is: “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” While I may not be the most organized bride-to-be around, I’ve got big ideas and plenty of enthusiasm to make it work.

Miss Thirteen

Age: 32
 Community Manager of Distinguished Events
December 23, 2012
Wedding Date: 
October 25, 2013 — MARRIED!
Wedding & Reception Venue:
1316 Jones Street
About Me:
 The more I’ve gotten into the wedding planning, the more I’ve thought about how it would be fun to tell this story while I’m at it. I plan fundraising events for a living, but planning your own wedding is totally different. I didn’t ever think I wanted the big fairy tale wedding, but now that I’m planning a wedding, I realized that I do want it to be fun and special and my own version of a fairy tale. I’ve waited 32 years for the perfect guy and now I want to have the perfect wedding to go with it!
My Wedding Plan:
We are not having a church ceremony, we would like to keep the service short and sweet so our guests can enjoy the party and celebrate with us.
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Miss Behavin

Blogger Miss BehavinAge: 24
Occupation: Teacher
Engagement date: March 1, 2012
Wedding date: June 29, 2013 — MARRIED!
Wedding venue: Mid America Center
Reception venue: Community of Christ Church
About me: My fiance and I are both small town kids at heart. We went to the same college at the same time and never met. We ended up meeting at a birthday party in Omaha and the rest is history. Neither one of us thought we would live in the “big city” but if we hadn’t … I would not be writing for Wedding Essentials Omaha!  I hope I can blog about this adventure of pulling a little country style into a big city wedding. Also, by blogging ideas (rather than chatting about them) I may be able to keep my fiancé sane. :)
My wedding plan: We are planning on about 450 guests. Both growing up in Christian homes we want the ceremony to be full of faith and love. Mr Behavin’s cousin will be marrying us, making it personal and family oriented. We want the ceremony and reception to be filled with music. I am a bit of an old soul, so I love the idea of antique flares throughout the reception. The whole idea of the day is elegant / antique with a dab of rustic.

Miss Deco
Age: 31
Occupation: Graphic Designer
Engaged: April 7, 2011
Wedding date: October 13, 2012 — MARRIED!
Reception and wedding venue: The Durham Western Heritage Museum
About me: I have a wonderful fiancé that has joined me in all of the planning and continues to be a great help with fun ideas and opinions. So far, our 18-month engagement has be lots of fun and, what’s the rush when we have been together for 6 years? This way we truly get to make this event what we want and unique to our tastes.
My wedding plan:  It will be an evening wedding all to take place at The Durham. No religious ceremony, just a buddy living in NYC will officiate. Immediately following the ceremony, cocktails and hot hors d’oeurves will be served and, of course, one hell of a party.
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Miss Heartland
Age: 27
Occupation: Account coordinator
Engaged: May 5th, 2011
Wedding Date: Saturday May 19th, 2012 — MARRIED!
Wedding and Reception venue: Twin Lakes Ranch (an acreage of a family friend) in Malcom, NE
About me: Wedding blogs are something that I have enjoyed getting into ever since I got engaged.  I love reading them and checking out all the cool and creative ideas… it is amazing to me how talented some people are!  What better way to help embrace this whole experience than by writing/blogging about it? I’m happy I can share this amazing experience with other brides!
My wedding plan:  My dream since I was about 5 years old is to get married at Twin Lakes Ranch. Our Wedding is a nature inspired, rustic/chic wedding. It will be a Christian-based ceremony, but also a very non-traditional one as well.
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Miss Adventure
Age: 30
Occupation: Director of Community Partnerships
Engaged: August 27, 2011
Wedding date: May 12, 2012  MARRIED!
Reception and wedding venue: Scottlynn Yards Blair, NE
About me: I have found the wedding planning process to be really interesting. It has been an awesome platform for my fiance and I to practice problem solving and compromising as a couple. We are discovering our shared values as we seek to bring together two very different families. With my family and closest girl friends all located out of state, the planning process to date has been kind of lonely. Blogging about my plans enables me to connect with a community of wedding people here in the Omaha area.
My wedding plan:  Mr. Adventure and I are both very outdoorsy, so having a beautiful location and rustic setting was essential. We will be married in a small clearing that leads into a wooded area. After the ceremony, guests will walk up to the barn where, during the cocktail hour, we will have lawn games available. We are toying with having non-traditional elements like a taco truck vs. a formal sit down dinner.
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Miss June
Age: 23
Occupation: Associate Account Manager and market researcher
Engaged: October 11th, 2011
Wedding Date: Friday June 15th, 2012 — MARRIED!
Wedding and Reception venue: St. Cecilia’s Cathedral, Omaha; The Double Tree Downtown, Omaha, NE
About me: I’m a bride-to-be who is enjoying every aspect of wedding planning! I was born and raised in Lincoln, NE where I attended Pius X High School. I recently graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a business degree in entrepreneurship and management. I enjoy staying active in the community through various organizations and taking the time for the hobbies that interest me such as cooking for friends and family, trying new restaurants around Omaha, concerts and music, sand volleyball and indoor soccer, cheering on the Huskers in the fall, and local events around Omaha such as Taste of Omaha, Farmer’s Markets, and the College World Series. : )
My wedding plan: I envision my wedding to be something where when people see any detail of it, they know I put a lot of thought into it and reflect my personality to a “T.” I am a fairly classic and traditional with a slight modern or romantic edge … which is playing out fantastically as all the designs and selections for our big day are starting to come together. The wedding planning process has been such a great experience thus far and I am anxious to see what is next! It takes a lot of time and a lot of energy, but the personal touches and little details mean a lot to me when it comes to planning this day out … so every minute is worth it!
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