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Bride Blogger // Our Rocking Rehearsal Dinner

From Miss Deco:  The guys had played golf, the girls had gotten their pedicures and the out of town guests were arriving … everything was set to kick off our wedding weekend celebration!

Since we were going a non-traditional route we didn’t need to hold a rehearsal in a church. Instead, we had a few members of the wedding party, my father and our ‘minister’ (a buddy living in NYC who got ordained online) check our the ceremony area at the Durham to get a feel of the venue and how things would be laid out.

After the Durham we headed to Lucile’s in the Old Market (where Mr. Deco’s parents hosted the rehearsal dinner) to help setup for the evening. Mr. Deco and I had several decoration ideas that we needed help with and really appreciated all the help from both families to make our eclectic and vintage visions come true.

For the table centerpieces we created Picture Wreathes made up of the wedding photos of our family members and wedding party. We collected the photos and Mr. Deco scanned and printed out tons of pictures and my mother and a family friend assembled them. They were the foundation of our centerpieces and they prompted several laughs and really opened up conversations for those that hadn’t met yet. Next, we had our thrift store love title books that Mr. Deco glued together. On top of those were votive candles, mini wine bottles with fresh flowers (which matched our large wine bottles for the reception centerpiece) along with the paper flowers I made and glittered white mini pumpkins his mother made. Mr Deco setup our ipod with their sound system so we had the music for the evening ready to go.

After everything was setup at Lucile’s, Mr. Deco and I snuck off for a quick drink at a nearby pub for our last moment alone before the festivities really started. I highly recommend to do this if given the chance.

Once the guests arrived at Lucile’s, passed canapes began and the bar was open. We gathered the wedding party for a quick run-through of what the ceremony was going to be. With no children and a small wedding party that were all married themselves, it was pretty self explanatory leaving more time to enjoy cocktail hour. Dinner was a plated steak with grilled vegetables, roasted rosemary potatoes and a candied walnut fresh salad with vinaigrette followed by creme brulee for dessert. The food was great, drinks were refreshing and the company even better! After dinner, we did toasts and handed out gifts to our wedding party.

 The party continued in the courtyard, where the weather was perfect for cigars and drinks. Lucille’s courtyard is wonderfully landscaped and sets the perfect atmosphere to stretch your legs after a hearty dinner and laugh with family and friends.  The night was perfect and really captured our vision of our wedding weekend celebration!

Food // Picking Hors D’oeuvres

When it comes to hors d’oeuvres sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. With so many options, and ideas out there it can present itself as an almost impossible task. You have to begin by answering a simple question: What do you and your fiancé like? I know it may seem like you should be aiming to please your guests, but let’s be honest…it’s your day! If your favorite thing is grilled cheese, go with it! If you want pizza, serve it! There are no written rules on what you can and cannot serve on your wedding day. In fact, I have seen more and more classic, simple foods served this over this past wedding season. It’s refreshing, out with the fancy stuff and in with the real!
Looking for some inspiration? Here are some of the types of hors d’oeuvres I just loved seeing offered to wedding goers.
Grilled cheese and Tomato Soup

mini grilled cheese triangle with tomato soup shooters

Fish and Chips and Deviled Eggs

fish and chip cones and deviled eggs

Hamburger Sliders and Chicken and Grits

sliders and chicken and grits


passed pizza at a wedding

Will someone please pass out Runzas at their wedding?

 photos by molly lo photography

Happy Friday // Big Big Weekend

You, our dear readers, know better than most of the population how much time and effort it takes to throw a huge event. So you feel me when I tell you I am sorry we have been slacking on the posts this week leading up to the Idea Show. Trust me when I say, we have been working our kiesters off to bring you an amazing show!

If you can’t make it to the show this Sunday, watch Facebook and Pinterest to see what we are doing and how we are doing it. All our displays are designed to inspire and, more importantly, point you to how you can get it yourself and get it checked off your to-do list!

Since we were already in CB setting up the show, we were able to sneak over to the ribbon cutting of Bella Terre. It was a rainy, miserable night and still the property was out-of-this-world GORGEOUS. Here is our quick review of the venue:


-Dramatic views of the Loess Hills, especially from the ceremony site where the valley provides the backdrop for your I Dos. So pretty. 
-Great entrance experience, your guests will drive through the vineyard overlooking the rolling bluffs and enter through the ornate double doors
-Great for having both wedding and reception
-Wine fridge in the dressing rooms. Giant mirror for the ladies, big flatscreen for the gents.
-Great patio, and did we mention the views?
-Every inch of the interior has been thoughtfully decorated. (Even a closet has a chandelier!)
Cons-The interior has a bit of a cheese factor, but it’s a wedding, so do you really care?
-No easy shuttle route if guests enjoy too much of the house vino.

Note: This is an updated post

Recipe // Autumn Cider

This Autumn Cider Cocktail was mixed with the freshest fall ingredients in mind. It is the perfect drink for all your events this season. Whether you make it a signature drink at your wedding, wow everyone at your rehearsal dinner, or have it as a shower specialty cocktail, it’s simply one of the best fall drinks you can think of. These can be mixed individually or can easily be made in large batches.

Autumn Cider Cocktail, Fall Cocktail


Autumn Cider

  • 1 ½ oz Lairds Applejack
  • ½ oz Dark Rum
  • ½ oz Lime Juice
  • ½ oz Simple Syrup
  • 3 oz Farm Fresh Apple Cider

Shake all ingredients together, serve in a mason jar, and garnish with an apple wedge.

So whip out those sweater and flannel blankets, and mix up some Autumn Ciders!

an apple


photos by Molly Lo Photography

father daughter dance

Get Your Groove On

We’ve all been to receptions where the music kept the party going on and on into the late hours of the night!  There are some moments too important to not have someone you trust at the turntable.  Complete, ShowTime Music, A Final Take Music and Video  will all be at the Idea Show spinning tunes for us.   Here are some of our new favorite dance pics that we pinned:


Giveaway // Win Your Wedding Chapel and Banquet Hall

Willow Creek Glass Chapel wedding venue giveaway contest on omaha wedding essentials magazineWillow Creek Glass Chapel wedding venue giveaway contest on omaha wedding essentials magazineA $3,000 value, enter to win a free wedding rental giveaway of both the gorgeous chapel and banquet hall at Willow Creek Glass Chapel & Banquet Hall.  Click the link here to enter and then post your name to the Willow Creek Glass Chapel & Banquet Hall Facebook page.  Vote once a day and tell your friends!  (They can enter for you, the prize is transferable.)

About the venue: Willow Creek Glass Chapel & Banquet Hall is built on a farm that has been in the family for 120 years. We are a husband and wife team that does the majority of the work ourselves, hoping to provide a life for our 3 young children where they value the sacredness of marriage, along with taking care of and preserving nature at its finest. We hope to show them and others that with hard work and determination you can go after your dreams and succeed.

By entering, you are helping them apply for a grant to make further improvements to the property.  

From the owners: The property is full of various plants, but we wish to add to it, especially around the banquet hall that was added to the property recently and has already made it through one tornado/straight wind storm in April, just a few weeks before our first wedding this year! The trees would provide shade to the hall as well as act as a windbreak. We would also like to add some boardwalk paths out among the trees and wildflowers for everyone to enjoy nature’s bounty.

Here is the direct link to the voting page:

And here is the link to our Facebook page:

Best of luck!  Go get the wedding of your dreams!

Live Music

Live music at weddings is hot, hot, hot right now.  Live instruments and voices give a wedding instant ambiance and can add a new layer of emotion and excitement on your big day.  There are so many options available for brides:  An acoustic guitar strumming along as your father walks you down the aisle?  A piano player during your cocktail hour?  A gospel chior serenading you and your new husband as you walk down the aisle for the first time as Mister and Missus?  I even heard a collegiate accapella group sing a love song that made me proclaim outloud for all to hear: ”I am sooooo having them sing at my wedding!” 

 Who didn’t get a huge smile on their face, when the gospel chior busted out “All You Need is Love” in Love Actually?

 If you’re undecided, we’ve got a treat for your ears at the Idea ShowJoe Taylor, aka “Mr. Memories”  will be serenading us all with his covers of old standards – Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr.   He’s the real deal, folks.  Bircher & Bircher Music will welcome you into the tablescapes and idea display room.  Mary Bircher plays the harp, and her husband, Tom plays the trumpet.  Omaha Symphony musicians since 1981, Mary and Craig also perform with the Omaha Symphony Chamber Orchestra and Opera Omaha.  If you’ve never heard a harp in person, get ready to be in a trance.  One of the most beautiful sounds you’ll ever hear.

Newcomers to the Idea Show, Omaha Musicians Live will be in the Ballroom showcasing multiple musical artists.  They are a new company in town that will make it so easy for brides.  You can literally go onto their website, enter the date of your wedding, select a few criteria (acoustic, singers, etc?) and Voila! – you’ll get a list of all live musicians who are available on your date and meet your criteria. 

See you at the Idea Show, ladies.  All You Need is Love…

Inspiration // Blissful Beverages

Open bar, cash bar, no bar? The alternatives for what beverages to serve at your wedding reception are numerous, regardless of season or venue. For those looking for a little non-alcoholic flair, however, here are a few options that don’t involve the word ‘bar’ at all– but are guaranteed to be just as delicious.


We’re raising our glass to delicious, refreshing juices in gorgeous glass containers. Jars filled with beautiful fruits are a decoration and a drink: try unique flavors such as white peach, raspberry pomegranate, mint basil, or lemon pear.


Mom always said to drink your milk– why not at your reception? A tray of milk in glass milk bottles paired with soft, delicious cookies is a homey and comfortable touch to what is sure to be a spectacular event.

For those chilly winter weddings, this hot chocolate on a stick can be used to create hot chocolate in a variety of different flavors: white chocolate, dark chocolate, Mexican hot chocolate with chili, or marshmallow hot chocolate. Warm up your guests in the sweetest of ways.



Trend // Lawn Games

Trend alert!  Remember how much you loved lawn games as a kid, why not have them at your reception?

Smooth out the day: Admit it, there will be down time when normally guests sit around waiting for you to arrive.  Plan to fill that void with fun little games, kids and adults alike will thank you.  This is a way  to encourage the guests to mingle and learn about each other.

How to choose the games: Consider your audience.  Do they know how to play badminton or croquet?  If not, set up more well known games like lawn bowling, cornhole (aka bean bag toss) or volleyball.  If you are really ambitious, put together a scavenger hunt.

Personalize or not to personalize: Now, I know what you are going to say… you’re feeling the urge to personalize lawn games by putting your picture at every croquet bracket and a fun fact about you as a couple on every bowling pin, am I right?  Save your DIY talent for something that will make a bigger impact.  Sometimes, it’s ok to just have old fashioned, goofy fun!

Photos by ALM Photography

Inspiration // Cake!

So you’ve decided to hold true to the tradition and have a wedding cake on your big day…now you just have to decide on the flavor. These days the flavor combinations go far beyond the classic vanilla and chocolate. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking.

wedding cake flavors

Milk Chocolate Cake
•Filled with cookies and cream mousse and white chocolate mint ganache.

Lemon Cake
•Filled with fresh lemon mousse, lemon filling, and homemade strawberry preserves.

Vanilla Bean Butter Cake
•Filled with bavarian cream and raspberries.

Marble Cake
•Filled with mocha Chocolate Chip Cream with espresso ganache.

Dark Chocolate Cake
•Filled with chocolate truffle mousse, chocolate ganache, and raspberries.

Spiced Walnut Cake
•Filled with spiced caramel apple and cream cheese butter cream.

Red Velvet Cake
•Filled with toasted almond cream cheese and topped with traditional southern icing.

Almond Cake
•Filled with marzipan and vanilla cream as well as brandy soaked apricot preserves.

Can’t decide on just one flavor? Do each tier a different flavor. It will give your guests options while sticking to one classic dessert. I’ve seen many brides and grooms choose their favorite flavor for the top tier (which they then save for themselves and take home!).

very simply designed wedding cakes

classic wedding cakes
So when you go into talk cake with your baker make sure to ask what fun combinations they have. Never be afraid to give some ideas of your own, after all it’s your day and you deserve to have just the right taste when it comes to the cake you’ve been dreaming of.

photos by molly lo

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