Bride Blogger // Welcome Bags

From Miss Deco: Hotel Room Blocks are great for out-of-town guests and what better way to show your appreciation for their travels than to great them with a Welcome Bag. There are many great and creative ways to put these together and have them relate to your wedding. We chose to highlight our backgrounds with a East Marries Midwest theme.

The bags featured a variety of snacks and beverages from Maryland and Nebraska (our home states). Obviously the Nebraska goodies were pretty easy to find and buy locally. The Maryland treats required ordering most of the products online and we even had friends traveling to New Jersey to bring us back the National Bohemian Beer.

National Bohemian Beer
Tastykakes Kandy Kakes
Utz Salt & Vinegar and Crab Chips
Dolle’s Dark Chocolate Crab Pops

Lucky Bucket Beer
Omaha Steaks Beef Sticks
Herman’s Peanuts
Single Serving Kool-Aid with water bottle
Eileen’s Cookies
Old Market Brochures of Attractions & Maps

We bought plain canvas bags from Hobby Lobby (several trips using their 40% Off coupon) then screen printed them at home with a simple version of our wedding logo. Mr. Deco designed some printed cards that matched our wedding invites that we tied on the bags explaining the contents. In the end, we found that the gift bags were a unique and personal touch that reflected each of us and were something that our guests really enjoyed.

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