Bride Blogger // Wedding Day

From Miss June:

We started the day at 8am! That’s right… bright and early. Believe me… I heard the grumbles from some of the girls.. but, that’s what you’ve got to do when there’s so many to get ready!  I started the day giving each of the women involved a gift bag with a small bottle of champagne for mimosas and a “bridesmaid” tank top I had made. (I made the bridesmaid tanks by ordering rhinestone decals online and buying tanks at Forever 21.. so simple and so much less expensive then buying tanks that are already made!) The champagne bottles said “A toast to my bridesmaids…” or “A toast to my mother-in-law.” I also made casual v-neck shirts with the rhinestone decals for my mom and mother-in-law to wear that day as well.
We then went to Garbos!  It was raining and my phone was blowing up with texts to remind me that “rain on your wedding day is good luck!”… I was just praying that today wouldn’t be the day for the bad storm we always seem to get in June here in Omaha.  It wasn’t! Not at all… by the time we left the salon around noon the sun was out, the sky was blue, and we were hours away from the vows!
Everyone got their hair done and we headed back to the hotel to grab our dresses, order some lunch (Jimmy Johns), and get shuttled over to the church for the final preparations! There was no extra time to spare. I was so glad we decided to get ready so early in the day and were able to get all the last minute things of the day finished in time.  No matter how prepared you are, things just keep coming up!
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