Bride Blogger // The Wedding

From Miss June: Getting ready for the wedding at the church was full of anticipation for the girls, and a five minute process for the guys. The details I chose for my something old, something new…  My handkerchief was given to me by my mother-in-law to be, it was laced and beautiful and I have it displayed with the other detail pieces in a glass hutch in our home now.  The blue bird was placed in my bouquet and was from my Grandmother Shirley, my mom’s mom.  It had been in her bouquet when she got married years ago. The sol, white flower was also something old from my mother’s bouquet and placed in my own.  The earrings were new and the shoes were new.  (I ordered the Badgley Mischka’s from Piper Lime online. A girl has to wear some great shoes on her wedding day!) My something borrowed was my aunt’s tiara she wore at her own wedding, it was beautiful and I was so appreciative to get to use it.



The girls continued to get ready at the church and I got my finishing touches of a last spray of perfume before going down to see Brad for the first time. This first moment you see each other is…. so wonderful.  A couple friends stood by the door keeping the church empty so Brad and I could have our first moment of seeing each other to ourselves. I feel like that was the moment we got married, even though I know it came about an hour later.   It was finally real then.  I was in the dress, he was in the suit, everyone was ready, and we were about to be married.


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