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From Miss June:

Please start doing your favors early.  We spend HOURS the week before the wedding driving around to find the least expensive “wedding mints,” as I call them. The favor boxes were from Michael’s, as were the monogram stickers keeping the boxes shut, and the ribbon were varieties in the same color from every Wal-mart in town we could find with thin enough ribbon in that color…. more hours of our life gone that we’ll never et back.  I wish we would have gotten all the materials ahead of time.  We would have gotten better deals price-wise, and spend those frantic, store-hopping hours on other wedding tasks. It took a team of about five of us many hours to fill and finish all 300 favor boxes… but in the end it was a wonderful detail, a great finishing touch to the tables, and a yummy treat for our guests.
Flowers.  Mine were not exactly what I wanted, and our two mother’s bouquets never made it to the church, but we received many compliments on them none-the-less.  I wanted a more rose and gardenia filled bouquet with less variation in color, and larger bouquets for the bridesmaids.. they were supposed to have two dozen flowers in each of theirs! For the flower girls I went with faux flowers from Hobby Lobby wrapped in ribbon with a stick-on flower to look like a pin. The faux flower idea was perfect as they got thrown around and used for hitting younger (and older) brothers all day.

Besides flowers, finding the perfect cake vendor was a tough chore.  We forewent expensive fondant (and tasteless) frosting and went for a butter cream finish with some flowers thrown on. It wasn’t “pearlized” the way it was supposed to be and I think the samples we had tasted better than the actual wedding cake, but we went with a price-friendly option and everyone was too busy enjoying the dancing and company of the night to think the cake was anything less than tasty.  We did red velvet, vanilla, and chocolate flavors, each layer being a different flavor, and the groom’s cake was supposed to look like a tuxedo…. It didn’t really come out that way but at that point… you just gotta roll with the punches!
To help with costs in the cake department we had sheet cakes pre-cut, waiting in the kitchen to be served after our cake cutting.
My advice here:  If you walk into a vendor’s shop, or call, and you get anything less than friendly and professional… turn around and walk out and find yourself someone who appreciates your business. As someone who studied entrepreneurship I was appalled at the lack of pride in doing business of some people in the wedding business.  If you’re stuck in a situation where you have to chose a vendor due to budget, just make sure you give them very clear directions and make expectations known. If all else fails, warn every bride after you not to go there!
I’d say I’ve give the taste of the cake a 6/10, the design a 6/10, and professionalism and friendliness a 3/10.
Oh, and make sure there’s a plate set out for you when you do the cake cutting…. : )


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