Bride Blogger // Making our Wedding Invitations

From Miss Deco:  Nothing sets the tone for an event or wedding like an invitation. Its the perfect opportunity to give your guests a preview of what is to come, whether it’s the theme, style or color scheme. Mr. Deco and I are both graphic designers so were most excited to get the chance to design our invitations to reflect our style and get everyone ready for our wedding celebration.

Since the wedding and the reception were both taking place at the Durham Museum (formerly the beautiful art deco Union Station), we knew we wanted to to incorporate the art deco style into our invites. We did several preliminary sketches on bar napkins before finally settling on a design concept. Mr. Deco designed a grand invitation that not only incorporated the art deco elements but had a vintage feel as well. I loved that he played with the type rather than sticking with the a traditional text layout.

I do admit that we went a little overboard with our invitations, but it was just so much fun! I ordered 3 different sizes and colored envelopes online (One to return the RSVP card, one for the invitation and one to hold everything and address). We also did what I call address wraps. They saved us from handwriting out all the addresses and they included our return address as well. Assembling them took about 7 hours total spread out over 2 nights (and a couple bottles of wine). It also gave us the chance to listen to the mix that Mr. Deco put together for the rehearsal dinner.

First, I cut out our logo circles while Mr. Deco scored the ‘belts’ that wrapped around the entire invitation to keep it all together and address wraps. After that, he scored the invitations to help with the folding process later. The next night I hot glued the logo circles to the ‘belts’ around the invitations that Mr. Deco folded. This took a majority of the time so Mr. Deco handled the RSVP cards, envelopes and stamps. Now we were able to stuff the inner envelope with the invitation and RSVP card. We had our guest’s names printed on the inner envelope so we have to match the address label with the correct inner envelope (I only mixed up 2 invites, but to my defense the men had the same name and their wives names both started with a K and both couples lived in the same small town).

This next step is very important, we took a completed invite to the Post Office to have them verify the correct postage we needed before we started to stamp them all. Once they were all ready to go, Mr. Deco took them to the Post Office to have them hand canceled (otherwise they would have a bar code sticker placed on the bottom of the envelope which we didn’t want). Don’t forget to mail one to yourselves to see how your hard work arrives.

It was a long process from concept to completion, but I am thrilled at the way they turned out! They were also the jumping off point for all our other print items such as programs, menu cards, escort cards, etc.

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