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From Miss Behavin: About three years ago I was fresh out of college and new to the big city of Omaha. I had a ten minute commute to work and always listened to the radio. One day I heard the Farrell’s Extreme Bodyshaping (FXB) advertisement and wondered what it was all about. Then of course I forgot about it. A little while later I noticed a FXB going in to the strip mall by my house. When I finally got the courage, I emailed the owner/head coach of the Northwest location. I had an immediate response, and this was no dull message. Courtney had so much enthusiasm and it made me want to go in to meet her. So I did.

I was so scared. To start your 10 weeks you have to get measured, weighed, tested on pushups, situps, and run a mile. Eeks. But I did it all and didn’t die. I made a promise to myself that I was going to stick to the meal suggestions (Don’t worry I got a cheat day every week and I used it!) also, I would work out the 6 days a week like they wanted me to. I went into the 10 weeks thinking I was going to be a size 2 by the end of it. But as the weeks progressed and I began to feel stronger and healthier I realized that I didn’t care what my weight was anymore! At the 5 week mark we had our second round of testing. This time I was pumped! I was so much stronger already. I hadn’t missed a day and was sticking to the healthy eating lifestyle. Lifestyle… that is what FXB is really all about. Yes, you can join for the 10 weeks, and get awesome results, then stop. But in my experience, I totally fell in love with it.

But then I fell in love with something, well, someone else. I met Mr. Behavin my second week of FXB. I felt confident enough to talk to him, and honestly I felt like a hottie. We started dating and I promised myself that I would still make it to my 5 am workouts. And I did. I didn’t miss a day. 45 minutes a day, 6 days a week, for 10 weeks, of kickboxing, upper and lower body works, eating healthy and a new boyfriend. I was so proud of myself. I rewarded myself with a new wardrobe. I wasn’t a size 2 and I didn’t want to be because I looked great! Then I was trained to start instructing! I was a FXB instructor!! Well, two times…

Then love got the best of me. My 10 week program was over and I only promised myself to not skip during that time frame. So, I began skipping one day, then two, then a week. I paid for a year in advanced and still couldn’t get motivated. I had skipped months and was terrified to go back. Then the year was up. Do I pay again and never go? Do I just stop? I chose the lazy and cheaper choice.

I started feeling terrible. I stopped looking and my awesome toned arms in the mirror because now they were just boring arms. All my new clothes began to be snug, and ended up in the back of my closet. I would eat healthy for a day, then I would go get a blizzard because I could. When Mr. Behavin and I got engaged I thought I would immediately go back. But no, I thought working out in my apartment gym would be enough. It wasn’t even close to FXB.

This August I hit a low point. I was trying wedding dresses and all I could focus on were my flabby arms and belly that had come back to haunt me. I sent a simple facebook message to Courtney. Something like “I miss FXB, I feel terrible, and I can’t feel like this as a bride”. She was just as enthusiastic as she was years before when I initially emailed her.

I ended up going back at the end of September. Many of the same people that were there when I started were still there. Some shared their own struggles when their lives got busy too. But everyone made me feel welcomed back. My personal coach from my 10 weeks, Lisa, still was there to push me as much as she did 2 years ago. Last week, as I was giving the bag some seriously love with my right round houses she shouted something at me over the music. “Buff Bride!!”

So this is my motivation. I want to feel like I did before. I want my awesome arms back. I have a pretty important dress to wear this June and I am going to rock it. But with some help from my Northwest FXB family. I have learned that sometimes life gets busy, but you have to make sure you feel good. Whatever it is that make you feel like a hottie, you should do it. Run. Pilates. Your apartment gym. Anything! I do have two suggestions for my fellow brides who are looking for something to make you feel your best on your wedding day.

#1Don’t do the crazy diets. I have done them all, and when you lose weight that way you just become scary mean because you are just so hungry!

#2 If nothing else is working for you and you need an extra push to get motivated… try FXB. There are many locations throughout Omaha and Lincoln. (Of course the Northwest Omaha location is the best.)

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