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We’re looking for specific types of posts on the Chatty Brides blog:

  • posts that are interesting and relevant to Omaha area brides/weddings
  • pictures, pictures, and more pictures on ideas and inspiration.
  • research about vendors, products, services, etc.
  • DIY projects and tutorials on how to execute them
  • updates on your planning process
  • lessons you may have learned through your experience
  • your vision of what you want your big day to be like
  • decisions, decisions — themes, colors, cake, dress, gifts, showers, W.E. want to know the whole sha-bang!

Before applying to Wedding Essentials, please think about whether or not you’d enjoy writing more audience-focused blog posts and that you’d be able to commit to at least one post per month.

Requirements: You must have less than a year to your wedding date — we need to know you’ll be checking things off your to-do list each month. You must live in the Omaha Metro or surrounding areas and be planning a wedding in the area.  Please note that we have a committee that reviews all applications, so it may take longer than a month for you to receive a response.  While we would love to accept everyone who applies, unfortunately we receive many applications and have very few slots.

To apply: If you are willing share your journey from “Yes” to “I Do” email the following to Heidi and tell us why you should be a Wedding Essentials Chatty Bride blogger.  Include the following:

Personal Information

  1. Name:
  2. Wedding Date:
  3. Today’s Date:
  4. Date of Birth:
  5. Email Address:
  6. Occupation:
  7. Wedding Budget:
  8. Fiance’s Name:
  9. Fiance’s Date of Birth:
  10. Fiance’s Occupation:
  11. Engagement Date:
  12. City/State:
  13. Telephone Number:
  14. Number of Guests:
  15. Venue:

1. Please provide a link to your wedding blog and bio if you have one.

2. Please describe details of the wedding you are planning including religious ceremonies, cultural ceremonies, etc.

3. Why do you want to be a Wedding Essentials blogger?

4. Will you commit to blogging on a regular basis (at least once a month)?

6. Are you willing to post photos of yourself and your wedding? Are you willing to have your photos published in an issue of Wedding Essentials?

7. Do you work in or plan to work in the wedding industry?

8. Do you blog for any other wedding sites?

9. Please provide the names of the vendors you have booked to date.

10. Any additional information you’d like to provide about yourself and your fiance?


One thought on “Bride Bloggers

  1. Bri Nejad

    I have been married for 9 years, so no bride here (boo!). However, I am very interested in contributing blog posts to your site. I own a small (home based) spa ( in Midtown Omaha. I offer skincare, waxing, and lash services and pride myself on being results driven and completely customizable/unique.
    I have written a few blogs for Momaha and have had a great response. Would you be at all interested in featuring some of my blogs? I’d be happy and willing to donate a few treattments to your brides as giveaway or contests, etc. I’d be happy to blog on any relevant skin care topics for brides of your choosing. I have been a successful esthetician for 8+ years and have worked in 5 star spas and locally.
    Thanks for lettting me know. I’d really love this opportunity!

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