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Bride Blogger // Strike a Pose

From Miss Deco: I am sure you know the trend of chicks recreating the pose from the Bridesmaids movie for wedding pictures … well my mother went completely a different direction. My parents are in love with the movie ‘The Diner‘ (its filmed in Baltimore, where we are from) so she had our wedding photographer (Note: Bellus Photo + Film) recreate something similar to the movie cover. At the time, my father was the only one to have seen the movie, so the guys just went along with it to be good sports. My mother loved the photo and turned it into Christmas presents for all the men and taped the picture to a copy of the movie for each of them.

Read more from Miss Deco’s wedding planning adventures here.

DIY // How to add gold tips to envelopes

We wanted to kick our launch party invitations up a notch, but didn’t have time (or the funding) to order in supplies, so we decided to add a touch of gold to our hot pink envelopes.  Below we’ll show you how easy and fast this process is and give you a few tips so you can learn from our mistakes.

A few tips for planning your invitation.

1. Go with the pointy flap envelopes.  They might be a little bit extra but, in our opinion, are worth it.  Flat flap envelopes say Christmas card, pointy flap envelopes say par-TAY!

2. Always order extra envelopes, especially if you are altering them in some way, like adding gold tips. 20% extra is a good rule of thumb.

3. Hold back five completed copies for yourself: One for your scrapbook, one for your mother, two for the wedding photographer to shoot and one in case you loose any of the previously mentioned.

Our invitation was pretty simple, in that it contained one flat card that was only printed on one side.  This kept the cost down on producing and mailing the invitations.  The hardest part was punching out our own confetti using a large circle punch and colored tissue paper.

Adding a gold tip to your envelopes

You’ll need: Newspaper, envelopes, rubber glove, gold spray paint

1. Lay down newspaper in a well ventilated area. 2. Place one envelope in the middle of the newspaper and a second envelope flat on top of the first, leaving 1/4 inch exposed. 3. With your gloved hand, press the two envelopes down so they don’t move.  With your other hand, spray a light coat of gold over the exposed bottom envelope.

4. If needed, add a second light coat. 5. Repeat for every envelope, using the same top envelope as a shield each time.  If the top envelope gets too wet, use a new one to avoid smuding. 6. Line envelopes to dry for 20 minutes (though it’s a good idea to air them out for a couple days to aviod having your invitations smell like spray paint fumes).

Variation: Use glitter spray paint instead of gold spray paint.  The results are fun, and definately not something you can buy at the store. Caution: Glitter spray paint gets messy fast.  We ended up with more glitter on the newspaper than we did on the envelopes.


Event // Magazine Launch Party

Twice a year we get to gather to celebrate a brand new magazine, and thank all of our wonderful local vendors. Their talents and passion astounds us, we are so honored to be able to showcase the amazing things they do for brides.  No matter how much we talk throughout the year, we always learn something new at these gatherings.  For example, did you know Mangelsen’s prides itself on having some of the best silk flowers in the area?  And we knew Memrical had unique rentals, but instead of having a little something for every style of wedding, they have almost endless options for every style wedding. We can’t wait to see their new 2013 items. Oh, and the owner of Lane Weddings is related to the event coordinator at the SAC Museum?  Small world!

The whole Wedding Essentials team had a blast at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse last night, we had great food, great atmosphere.  A huge THANK YOU to the Omaha wedding community for all your support and inspiration over the 10 years we’ve been in business.

We love you Omaha!

The new magazine will be available first to the brides who attend Bridal University this weekend, so make sure you snag tickets online to get the $2 discount.

Event // Sample Sale

Sample sale! This weekend at Sublime Bridal, score huge deals on wedding gowns, shoes, accessories, flower girl dresses and invitation suites.  Set you appointment today!

Sublime Bridal, Shops of Legacy, 16902 Wright Plaza, Suite 185, (402) 330.5500

6 days left until Wedding Essentials Bridal University 2013!

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