5 Things to Expect When Planning a Wedding

From Miss Adventure:

So often society makes a wedding seem like the most romantic memorable day of your life.  While this may be true, weddings are also a lot of work. Here are five things I’ve learned from other brides that have made me feel a little less crazy, and little more grateful for the opportunity to celebrate something as awesome as marrying Mr. Adventure.

5. Something will go wrong. Plan all you want, some part of your grand design will fall short of expectations. Knowing ahead of time how you plan to react can help contain the damage. Have a mantra, have your MOH give you a reality check, whatever it is allow yourself to be disappointed, but don’t allow a single mishap derail your entire day. Don’t be this bride:

4. You will feel like you’re doing all the work. Mr. Adventure is a good groom, but he still needs reminders from time to time about what’s on the checklist that he needs to own. I’ve certainly felt overwhelmed, and like I needed him to step it up. So I just ask. My sister said something wise, “Don’t forget that women have been planning their wedding since childhood, and he started planning the wedding sometime after he put the ring on your finger.” A coworker had great advice. She just asked what parts her husband was most interested in, and asked him to take those on. She let him pick the flowers. You may have to let go of part of your vision, to make room for his.

3.  You will probably fight with someone you love. Weddings combine all the things that cause the most conflict: money, high expectations, and values. Since starting my journey, my wedding has caused friction with no fewer than four important people in my life. I read somewhere in my wedding research that the key is to not get too upset. The fights may seem really huge and important, but remember they exist under the microscope of your wedding.  Take a deep breathe, apologize, and move on. Chances are that once your wedding is in the rearview mirror, so will most of the conflict.

2.  Don’t forget to talk about things other than your wedding. The best thing I did for my sanity this week was forward a newsletter from work highlightening some recent successes I had to my parents. I can’t tell you how good it felt to have them recognize a part of me that didn’t involve the “W” word. Finding ways to connect to yourself B.W. (before wedding) is essential to maintaining a positive outlook.

1. Keep it simple. My wedding, while at times overwhelming has been mostly pretty easy. I credit it to our commitment to keeping it simple. We are trying not to over plan every aspect. It’s amazing how much time we have to just be together when we let go of details that probably won’t be remembered anyway.  Planning our wedding has brought us even closer together. It facilitated tough conversations, like how to compromise our families’ viewpoints, and what pieces are most deserving of our time, money, and energy. I wouldn’t trade that for the world.

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